Here at the Sunflower Festival, we welcome all walks of life… including your furry friends!

We often get asked, “are pets allowed?” The simple answer is, yes – we love dogs! We’re big pet people. And we always set up a doggie drink station near the bathrooms. We only ask that you keep your four-legged friend on a leash and please pick up after them, as we don’t want to make a mess for others to step in.

📸 Credits: Instagram @tailsof_tucker

Think of us as having a puppy hub if you will. We know with the summer weather how hard it can be take your pets out for a long stroll with the scorching Fraser Valley heat. Stop by the doggy cool down station so they can enjoy a bucket of cold water, take some candid selfies in front of the sunflowers, and bark it up with other four-legged friends.

📸 Credits: Instagram @tailsof_tucker

Did you know we even welcome cats, horses, and more!? Just note, to bring your horse a special booking will be required. Please call ahead to arrange a date and time.

Make sure to tag us on social media so we can see your entire family at the Festival!

Please note that Hops can make dogs sick so we ask you keep your dogs from the hop fields which are in a separate location from the Sunflowers.

📸 Credits: Instagram @lily.and.titus

📸 Credits: Instagram @cooper_thetroller

📸 Credits: Instagram @daily.dose.of.deli