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Aug 26

Field Update: August 26th

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Cover image: @jengiesbrecht on Instagram Our largest phase of Giant Mammoth Sunflowers are coming into full bloom and will be at their peak over the next 10 days! Those who have been waiting to walk down long rows of towering sunflowers don't want to miss out on visiting our sunflower festival! We currently have over 10 acres in bloom! Our second phase of Sunrich Orange, as well as our display garden of 35 varieties of sunflowers are in full bloom, [...]

Aug 14

Field Update: August 14th

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This weekend is going to be a perfect time for sunflower and dahlias viewing with over 10 acres in bloom! The next two weeks we will have the most sunflowers to see as Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our sunflowers are starting to overlap their blooming stages. If you have been waiting to see massive amounts of sunflowers blooming then now is the time to visit! Buy your Sunflower Festival tickets online and save! https://chilliwacksunflowerfest.com/tickets/ Check out these popular [...]

Aug 10

Limited Edition Sunflower Beer Now Available

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To celebrate this beautiful Summer season, we've teamed up with our friends at Old Yale Brewing to brew up the ultimate summertime beer. Introducing the Chilliwack Sunflower Saison! Hand-crafted with malted sunflower seeds, this OLB Saison is a celebration of the beautiful fields that Chilliwack has to offer. The earthy and herbal undertones complement the rustic and subtly spicy flavor from the Belgian Saison yeast….YUMM! Experience the sunniest of seasons (or should we say Saisons) with Old Yale Brewing and [...]

Aug 9

Swoop to the BC Sunflower Trail

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Visiting the iconic Sunflowers in BC’s Fraser Valley from cities across Canada is easier than ever. Those living in Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, and Halifax can take advantage of Swoop for low cost flights for a quick, short getaway to the Fraser Valley this summer! Coming from other locations? Flights to Abbotsford International Airport from other Canadian and American cities can be booked on WestJet and Flair, including flights from Toronto and direct flights from Calgary. The Fraser Valley Sunflower [...]

Aug 6

Field Update: August 6th

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As of today, our 6th day of the festival, 40% - 50% of our Dahlia varieties are in full bloom and 80% of them are showing a lot of colour. There are a gorgeous variety of hues and sizes of Dahlias, bringing a colourful vibrancy to the fields. Our first phase of Sunrich Orange sunflowers are at 90% bloom! This section is an excellent height and breathtaking background for snapping show-stopping selfies and group photos. The display garden has over [...]

Aug 5

A Summer Family Vacation in Chilliwack

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Summer family vacations are days of sunshine and laughter, sizzling hot temperatures and cooling bodies of water; fun festivals and delicious summer eats. Chilliwack is a perfect getaway for a family summer vacation— there are so many things to see and do, activities to suit every age and family member, and cozy accommodations to stay in while you’re here! Here are some suggestions to give you and your family the best summer vacation yet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuU6cWDANaI   Last year, we debuted [...]

Aug 4

The 2019 Chilliwack Sunflower Festival

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The Chilliwack Sunflower Festival is back! Now in its second year, the festival is running from August 1st to September 15th, 2019. Last year’s inaugural festival was a tremendous success, with several thousand people attending. Social media lit up with countless sunflower photos, showcasing the sunflowers in all their ravishing glory. So, what can you expect for Vancouver's favourite sunflower festival’s second year? Sunflowers A single sunflower itself is a delight to see, but thousands of sunflowers— stretching for acres— [...]

Aug 3

2019 Locals Days Announced

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Chilliwack + Cultus Lake Sunflower Day August 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, September 5th, 12th. Chilliwack Sunflower Festival invites residents of Chilliwack and Cultus Lake to visit the fields every thursday for a special locals only price. All guests 6+ are only $5 per person all day long every Thursday while the festival is open. *Includes Chilliwack, Cultus Lake, Rosedale, Popkum/Bridal Falls, Yarrow, & Chilliwack River Valley.  Includes FVRD Electoral areas H, E & D  and any Indigenous lands / communities [...]

Aug 3

Field Update: August 4th

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The warm weather that we’re having now is bringing our sunflowers to life! We’ve had a cooler and wetter summer than last year, which delayed the blooming of some of our sunflowers. As we have multiple planting phases to ensure we have a plethora of flowers blooming throughout the entire remaining length of our festival, we’re excited to show that within 7-10 days, you’ll have a heightened experience with a range of varieties to wander through! For the first week [...]

Aug 3

The Fraser Valley Sunflower Trail

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Pack your camera bag! The Fraser Valley Sunflower Trail is back in BC's Fraser Valley. Bursting with vibrant yellows and hues of orange the happiest of flowers are back to brighten your day again this summer. Get ready to stroll through endless rows of cheer-worthy blooms that will leave you simply in awe. Are you ready to experience the sunniest of seasons? From itty-bitty palm-sized to sky-soaring Mammoths, the Fraser Valley is your go-to place this summer to get your [...]