Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Easy-peasy. To get to the Sunflowers just drive straight along Hwy 1. Our fields are located right off the highway, in Chilliwack, BC. Take exit 109 (Yale Road West exit) and in less than a minute you’ll arrive at 41310 Royalwood Drive. See our Plan Your Trip page for detailed directions. There is also an alternate access via Exit 116 and return via Yale Rd West, for driveway access onto the fields, take Royalwood Ave.

How much does it cost?
Less than a boring movie and dinner, more than a dollar store. No, really. We want to be inclusive of all, so we keep our prices reasonable. We also offer discounts for buying tickets at least a day in advance.  All tickets must be pre-purchased online this year for a specific time slot before arriving at the farm.

What is the cost of parking?
A smile…because parking is free! Whether you are arriving by truck, car, bike, moped, or motorcycle. Whatever you take to come down here, we have plenty of free parking for all, available all week long!

What are your hours of operation?

July 26- August 15th
Thursday – Monday: 8am-7pm, off fields by 8:30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am-7pm, off fields by 8:30pm

August 16-Sept 6th
Thursday – Monday: 8am-6pm, off fields by 7:30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am-6pm, off fields by 7:30pm

Note: We ask that guests arrive within the hour they have purchased their ticket for, but are welcome to stay beyond the hour.

How far are the fields from parking?
We try to make it easy on all our guests by providing parking right next to our fields.

Is there accessible disability parking?
Sunflowers are a special sight that everyone should be able to enjoy! So, we provide accessible disability parking on a gravel area right next to our entrance booth. The area is marked with the corresponding placard.

What about field accessibility?
The great news is, on a dry day, it should be possible to navigate easily on our grass pathways throughout the fields. It is best to keep your visit to non-rainy days, if using a wheelchair, walker, or if you have difficulty walking. There will be seating available around the field and in the pavilion for those who have mobility issues.

Can I walk over the entire field?
There are more than enough walkways for you to get lost in while wandering through our Sunflower, Dahlia and Gladiola fields. And although we use the stalks and blooms for silage and animal feed at the end of the season, we still want everyone to be able to enjoy their beauty during the festival, so we ask that you be respectful of the fields and flowers while walking through them.

Can we purchase bulbs at your fields?
Yes, of course. We are big into bulbs! We sell Canadian-grown tulip bulbs and daffodil bulbs, direct from our fields. Look for some of these other items, available at our store:
• Fresh-cut Sunflowers
• Postcards, photo cards, keychains and magnets
• Handmade paracord bracelets
• Sunflower seeds for your garden
• Sunflower-inspired gifts

What type of flowers can you see in the fields?
Sunflowers for sure… otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a sunflower fest, would it? We feature 15 acres of flowers with 42 different varieties of Sunflowers, 8 varieties of Gladiolas, as well as over 50 different varieties of our beautiful Dahlias!

How long has the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival been in operation?
We are just a young thing. Although we’ve been running the Chilliwack Tulip Festival since 2006, we only decided to grow Sunflowers recently. We planted our first Sunflower fields at the end of May 2018 and we first opened in August 2018.

Are the sunflowers just grown for the festival?
Yes! The Sunflowers are grown specifically for our guests to enjoy and once the season is over, the stalks and blooms are used for silage and animal feed.

How big are your fields?
We have 15 acres of Sunflowers, Dahlias, and Gladiolas on our farm with more than 3 kms of extra-wide grass pathways to explore. That is a whole lot of beautiful blooms to enjoy!

Do you pick the flowers in your fields?
We are back to offering U-pick Sunflowers this year! We have a special field just for this – please don’t pick or cut the flowers in our main fields. Another option is to head to our field-side Farm Shop to pick up your fresh cut Sunflowers!

Are there kid-friendly activities at the festival?
Kids will enjoy our flowers as much as our adult guests, how many different colours of Sunflowers can they spot, or how big do dinner plate Dahlias get to. We also have giant lawn games and plenty of photo-ops, including seven swing sets, for everyone to enjoy!

Can I buy food on site?
We’ll have one food truck on-site daily on weekdays, and two on weekends! Check our Food Trucks page for the details. We will also have pre-packaged frozen treats and cold refreshments available on-site at our Farm Shop.

Can we bring our own food?
Want to surround yourself with Sunflowers while you eat? We don’t blame you. That’s one of our favourite summer pastimes! We’ll have picnic tables on the lawn near the entrance to the festival grounds, as well as in our pavilion if you prefer a little shade on those hot, sunny days.

Will there be places to sit and get out of the weather?
If it should rain, and in BC that is always a possibility, we have got you covered – literally. There is no need to skip the fields, we will have a couple of covered areas in case of rain, or too much sun.

How should I dress?
We wouldn’t recommend expensive heels or your Sunday best. Anything that might not go well with a little dirt, you might want to leave at home. We are a farm, after all, and you will be walking in dirt fields. And though we do our best to ensure there are some areas that remain clean and dry, a lot of our pathways are dirt and can get muddy on wet days.

We advise you to bring the following:

• Gumboots or good walking shoes/boots – that way, rain or shine, you’re prepared for all weather conditions. Forgot to bring a pair? No worries. We have disposable booties available for those exceptionally wet days.
• An umbrella, or something with a hood, in case it rains.
• A rain jacket, to keep you warm and toasty as you stroll the fields. And layering clothes is always a good option, so you can remove items if it gets hot, or add them in if it is a bit chilly.

Do you have bathrooms?
Well, we don’t want you squatting in the Sunflowers, so we have ample, regularly serviced, portable toilets on-site, with some accessible stalls and several hand-wash stations.

Are we allowed to bring our dog?
We love dogs! We are big pet people. And we always set up a doggie drink station near the bathrooms. We only ask that you keep your four-legged friend on a leash and please pick up after them, as we don’t want to make a mess for others to step in.

We want to keep the air clean for all our visitors, so please, no smoking at the fields or in our parking lots. Our grounds do get quite hot and dry in the summer months, especially, and fires can occur quickly with the drop of a cigarette butt. We also ask that you refrain from vaping, as some people have sensitivities to the propellants in these products.

What methods of payment do you accept?
At one point in history, you could pay your way in bulbs (no kidding, it’s true!). These days, you can purchase your tickets online or at the ticket booth upon arrival with Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. At our frozen treat stand and our gift store we would prefer contactless payment through debit or credit card.

Do you provide refunds?
Sorry, tickets are non-refundable. Please contact us by e-mail if you have any concerns.

Are drones allowed?
Due to Canada Transport Guidelines, drones are not allowed on our fields.