How We Found our Place in the Sun

Our Story

We have made the difficult decision to take a hiatus from our annual sunflower festival for the 2024 season. We instead intend on spending the summer and fall building and cultivating new attractions which will allow for more spectacular festivals in the future, including the 2025 Harrison Tulip Festival planned for next spring.

After years of cultivating a colourful array of tulips in the majestic Fraser Valley, we launched the Harrison Tulip Festival—the first and largest tulip festival in Western Canada—in 2006. We have been enchanting locals and visitors alike with our beautiful fields of flowers every spring. Our Tulip Festivals began in 2006 on Seabird Island, Agassiz, BC and we enjoyed 10 spectacular years at this stunning location before moving our fields to Chilliwack in 2017. In 2018 we opened BC’s first Sunflower festival in Chilliwack, BC and in 2023 we held our festival under our new name Harrison Sunflower Festival on our own piece of land in the heart of Agassiz, BC. Back to the stunning mountain vistas and beautiful farmland in the Harrison River Valley.

We started out as the first Tulip Festival in Western Canada under our name “Tulips of the Valley”. Being flower growers at heart, we decided to expand our floral offerings and, after some investigation, we realized that, much to our delight, sunflowers would actually be the perfect complement to our existing crops. So in 2018 we made the leap and launched yet another flower fest—this time, the first and only one in BC to make sunflowers the stars of the show.

With both of our festivals, our goal has always been to create a space where families and friends could come together to celebrate nature, farming, and the beauty of the seasons. But no one could have prepared us for the unique effect our sunflowers would have on our guests. Come experience their sunny dispositions for yourself and see just what we mean.

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